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Aventura Mall shopping – Way of life or Necessity?

September 13th, 2013 · No Comments

Shopping: Is It A Necessity? A visit to the Aventura Mall will have you wonder which side of the fence shoppers fall. Aventura Mall is filled with those looking to fill their shopping addiction and those searching for the specific item they actually need.

Are you the shopaholic type of person? If you are, do you consider shopping as a way of life vs. necessity? For some people, particularly those who already accept shopping as a part of their life, it is considered as a necessity. Thus, there are also some people who consider shopping not as a need but just as a way of living. Either way, this article will help you to delve further into this topic. When can shopping be considered as a necessity and when can it be considered as just a way of living?

Shopping as a way of life vs. necessity is a very subjective topic. How come? Well, let’s put it this way; Imagine one person who was able to grow up into a family who treats shopping as a necessity. You may think that this may not be right but you can’t actually tell. There will always be that kind of person who treats shopping as a necessity. Well, let’s just say that if this person can’t shop, she may be able to experience deep sadness or an alteration in her life which can cause an imbalance in her condition.

On the other hand, most people will continue to stand on their belief that shopping is just a way of life. In simpler means, if you are rich, you can treat shopping as a best friend. If you are unfortunate enough, shopping will not really be relevant on your life. That’s right. Shopping depends on your status of living. Let’s not get judgmental because this is their stand with regards to shopping as a way of life vs. necessity. This is why this topic is really considered to be subjective.

As opposed to this, those people, who claim that shopping is a necessity, do not agree that shopping just depends on your lifestyle. Why? Shopping can be due to a lot of reasons. One of these is psychological. Shopping can be considered as a necessity to some because of the study which reveals that shopping can actually increase the dopamine levels in the human bodies which causes happiness and euphoria. So, if shopping will be taken out of their system, intense sadness, depression, anxiety and even anger can be felt. Furthermore, these people will claim that shopping is a necessity due to the fact that you cannot actually totally have what you need such as food, shelter and clothing if don’t shop. This is most applicable today in which almost everything has its own price.

So, basically, when it comes to the issue shopping as a way of life vs. necessity, shopping is a necessity. However, if this includes excess buying, it turns into an addiction. Now, if this happens, it will be very difficult for somebody to take this out of her system because the moment this happens, she will have to experience various withdrawal symptoms which can be similar to addiction to drugs and alcohol. At the end of the day, what is your stand with regards to shopping as a way of life vs. necessity?

Are you addicted to shopping at the Aventura Mall? Drop a comment and see what your friends have to say, it might be time to get help or just keep shopping for those great deals.

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