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The Benefits of Divorce Mediation

February 5th, 2013 · No Comments

Advertise on the blogA Healthier Approach to an Unhealthy Situation: The Benefits of Divorce Mediation – BY: Denise Tamir

Few life changing events cause the amount of stress that a divorce does. Compared to experiencing the death of a loved one, divorce can cause anxiety, depression, and even physical illness for the parties going through it. When children are involved, the stress is magnified as the couple redesigns the logistics of parenting from separate households while trying to maintain close relationships with children on a part time basis. The approach the couple takes during the divorce will determine how healthy the family unit will be when the divorce is over as well as how the parties will deal with each other for many years after the divorce is final.

In the classic approach to divorce, each side hires an attorney to wage war on the other; a war that may take many months to several years to complete. At the end, a judge imposes his decision upon the parties, whether they like it or not. Though this system works well for other legal cases, like personal injury, in which the parties never have to see each other again, it can be devastating for parties that have to co-parent for years after the final hearing is over. Often, one of the parties is unhappy with the outcome and keeps returning to court to get a better result. The dynamics learned during a contentious divorce often condemn the parties to continued warfare for years and this sustained conflict is damaging to the emotional and physical health of the parties and their children.

There are healthier ways to handle divorce that minimize the conflict and its impact on the family’s wellbeing. Mediation, for example, is an informal process in which a neutral and impartial professional, known as a mediator, facilitates a respectful discussion between the husband and wife. The mediator helps them identify the issues they must resolve, like where the children will spend holidays or how best to divide the assets and debts, and the parties decide how best to resolve them. Because the parties create their own agreement before the lawsuit is filed, the conflict between them and the stress on their children is minimized.

Mediation has obvious benefits like privacy and saving time and money. Less obvious, however, is the pattern of behavior the couple learns that will carry over into their post divorce lives. Because the couple crafted the agreement themselves, they are more likely to abide by it. Also, the mediation process has taught them how to resolve their own differences respectfully decreasing the need to run to the court to referee future disputes.

At the Divorce Mediation Center of South Florida, we specialize in helping couples navigate the emotionally charged divorce process in an atmosphere of mutual respect and dignity. Visit our website at or call us at (305) 542-4508 to learn more about how mediation can be a healthier alternative for you and your family.

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