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2012 a Year of Commercial Real Estate Development

December 31st, 2012 · No Comments

Have a Happy New Year, we look forward to blogging with you in 2013!

2012 has been the year of commercial development in Aventura, it has been booming all year. There was a clear awakening on the streets of Aventura, and the increase in traffic certainly shows it. This spark forward includes several new plazas that have been redesigned, City improvements, new restaurants and retail, closing of Barnes & Noble, and even the Ives Diary Road exit had to change. These important marks of progress are a healthy sign of things to come in the Aventura area.

In 2010 we announced the new management of Aventura Grand Cove, or better known as the Bagel Cove Plaza. At that time, the plaza had a vacant restaurant that seemed to always be doomed for failure. The new management, FIP Realty Services, was up for the challenge and instead of repeating more of the same, a new vision was born. It was decided that a free standing jewelry boutique would the perfect addition for Aventura and that proved to be correct.



In 2012 the Jared’s Plaza was born and a full redevelopment took place at this Aventura plaza. Step One included the demolition of the old restaurant and the construction of Jared the Galleria of Jewelry. The impressive new structure made Step Two easy – the decision was to redevelop the entire facade to create a matching plaza, as seen in the photo above featuring Bagel Cove. The luxurious design is a perfect match for Aventura, a City that demands excellence – there are new paved sidewalks, accent lights, overhangs, signage, a complete overhaul to the parking, and especially the amazing landscaping spanning the entire property. This stands as flagship restoration project that exemplifies development in Aventura.

In addition to the complete transformation of Jared’s Plaza, there have been other notable evolutions on Biscayne in Aventura. At the South end of the City another plaza was completely redesigned, on 183rd Street the adjacent property to the Fresh Market Plaza was given a facelift. The matching new plaza has introduced new restaurants such as Burger FI, Panera Bread, and Salsa Fiesta. This was also a major positive change from the previous plaza; however, this project didn’t include a demolition and layout change like in the Jared’s Plaza.

A few blocks South of this plaza, Artefacto relocated to their new home. The former Artefacto location has been transformed to a Loehmann’s.

The Loehmann’s relocation has created a lot of confusion amongst those that have and will always refer to their former location as Loehmann’s Plaza – what will it be called now? Some might have answered, “The Barnes & Noble Plaza,” but that closed too. Without doing the exact math, it seems that Pita Plus now has the most history at that location – how about we call it Pita Plus Plaza!

The new commercial real estate changes have created so much demand and traffic for people to visit Aventura. This sparked the construction at Ives Diary Road, making the flow of traffic slightly more fluid. Several other improvements include the new street lights along Biscayne and the local road maintenance that keeps the streets looking great.

The driving force of the demand comes from the Aventura Mall, which is the second most visited Mall in the United States. The bottom line is that Aventura is officially on the map for local and international tourists and one of the most prestigious places to live.

The development of 2012 is not likely to slow down and will continue to grow in the years to come – several more commercial and residential projects will undoubtedly by sprouting up. This uptick is exciting and this past year will be the mark of the beginning to the next coat of paint to highlight Aventura.

There are a few more changes, demolitions, and new construction in the process…how many can you name?

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