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Pizza, pizza

December 1st, 2012 · No Comments

Pizza is an all time favorite food for many. Contrary to popular belief Pizza originated in Greece where they would bake Flatbread and top it with herbs and spices. Eventually the herb anointed Flatbread made it’s way to Italy where the peasants sold it on the streets and called it Pizza. It wasn’t until Queen Margherita visited Naples in the late 1800’s that tomato sauce made it into the mix.

If all this pizza talk is making you hungry for a slice, here are some great spots in the Aventura area to go grab a pie or slice. Anthony’s Coal Fried Pizza is the place to go for pizza with a nice crispy crust, a delicate balance of cheese and toppings with just the right amount of sauce. All of this is grilled to perfection in a coal fired oven.

For those of you out there whole love pizza but require a Kosher diet Jona’s Pizza on Miami Garden’s Drive is the one for you. Jona’s Pizza has a great selection of traditional and Middle Eastern Pizza and it is all 100% Kosher. The portions at Jona’s Pizza are ginormous so be sure to bring your appetite!

If you are looking for a traditional New York style Pizza joint with New York style Pizza, you have to pay a visit to Steve’s Pizza in North Miami on Biscayne Boulevard. The ambiance at Steve’s Pizza is a much a draw as the Pizza itself. Almost every surface area in the place has been autographed at some point or another and you can enjoy reading this indoor graffiti spot while you are waiting for a little slice of NYC!

In honor of Greece, Italy and Queen Margherita be check out one of these spots next time you are in the mood for a slice. What are some other good spots for pizza in Aventura?

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