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Yogurt & Cupcakes – What’s your favorite spot in Aventura?

September 27th, 2012 · No Comments

Menchie’s is coming to Aventura. Another yogurt spot added to the list, what’s your favorite yogurt and toppings combination?

Cupcakes and Yogurt – Two Trending Treats
By Shari Lynn Rothstein-Kramer

So much for the diet, right? When it comes to tantalizing those taste buds after you’re done with the salads and sugar free muffins, move on to the good stuff – cupcakes and serve-yourself frozen yogurt. When it comes to this year’s “go-to” taste sensations, the sweets have it and they are popping up all over Aventura and the surrounding areas.

The craze actually began a few years ago and has been growing steadily since. It started in NYC, and like most other outstanding trends eventually will do, came south. Cupcakes – meaning oversized, beautiful, and visually delicious masterpieces – began as specialty items that could be found in bakeries and gourmet shops. As their popularity grew, up popped cupcake shops. Not only a feast for the eyes, but certainly for the tummy – carrot cake with whipped cream cheese frosting, marble with Dulce de Leche frosting, vanilla with strawberry frosting and many other basics made their way into fashion. Then cupcake creators began going all out; Imagine biting into a “Tiffani blue” berry iced banana swirl or white chocolate ganache iced mocha chip cupcake…if you can dream it, someone can make it. And that’s when we turn to the pros such as Mishka’s Cupcakes, Kate’s Couture Cupcakes, Gallery of Cakes, Cushy Cakes – all based right here in Aventura. Each offers its own version of the “best” cupcake – be it minis, individual, towers, by the dozen, customized, or “off the shelf” – what was once an afterthought to the special occasion cake has now emerged as one of our favorite everyday guilty pleasures.

And what could be better than replacing “cake’s sidekick – ice cream” – then with yogurt (a.k.a. frozen yogurt, which will refer to from here on in as “fro yo”). After researching this often debated topic, I came to the conclusion that fro yo is only lower in fat and calories when compared to full fat ice cream. Those of you who eat low-fat or lite ice cream are taking in just about the same amount of calories and fat as you found in most fro yo. But supposedly, the live cultures and probiotics in yogurt can also survive in fro yo, making it sort of healthy for you. In case you do not know, probiotics are what actress Jamie Lee Curtis talks about in her TV commercials). They’re added to yogurt to up the health benefits including digestion. There’s no guarantee that they work, but no harm, no foul, right? So why do we like fro yo so much? What’s the appeal? Well, first of all it tastes good. Nope, scratch that. It’s delicious. And, there are so many flavors. From original tart (my personal favorite) and chocolate malted to pistachio, pineapple mango, or sea salt caramel, one is tastier than the next. But here’s the best part of frozen yogurt – most of them are do-it-yourself (D.I.Y.). Love that!

Step into the shop, grab a cup, choose your flavors, and pull the lever. It’s all there, as little or as much as you want. Mix ’em as you wish and then top ’em just the same. If you’re into food, it’s pretty exciting. Over the past year, more and more D.I.Y. yogurt shops have been appearing. Tutti Frutti, Pinkberry, and D’lites (the latter two are NOT serve yourself) are in Aventura, Yogurtland is just north at Gulfstream, There’s yogen fruz, Craving Frozen Yogurt, and still others from which to choose. With so many choices, how does one know? The answer: Taste them all. Seriously. It’s all about personal preference and you’ll know when you find your spot. I am a fan of Yogurtland. The variety is there, toppings are good, service is great, attitude is awesome, and it’s not overpriced. But not everyone is the same, so keep the trend going … find your fave. Eat and enjoy!

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