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Empty Nest Syndrome – What to do when the kids are gone

August 21st, 2012 · No Comments

It’s back to school and for many it means that the kids leave to school…

Having your kids leaving home by going to college, through marriage, or simply because they need to spread their wings can be tough on any Aventura mom. It can be especially challenging for a single mom.

It’s called empty nest syndrome, and at its worse, it can lead to withdrawal and depression.

At its best however, it can lead to a realization of a new life, less responsibilities, and new friends and relationships.

There are things that can, and should be done, to help in the empty nest syndrome transition.

If you are an empty nester single mom, consider the following;

There are many ways now available to stay in touch with your children. Cell phones, Facebook, Twitter and even live video calling via Skype can help. Consider a Skype “date” each week with your loved ones. Let them know what’s new in your life, and of course ask what’s new in theirs. Let them know how much you appreciate their visits, electronic or otherwise, and give them reasons to visit you in person.

Seriously think about downsizing from what is probably, an oversized house. Your current house has rooms that now serve as a reminder of the children who used to sleep there. It will probably take you more time and money to maintain than necessary. A change can be very positive!

Consider a condo. Condo living Aventura style means less maintenance, new neighbors, and an opportunity for new friendships. It may even include a romance. Imagine rediscovering romance with a morning or evening walk along the Turnberry Golf Circle. It is all possible!

Take some steps in a positive direction to stay in touch with your now absent, grown children. Appreciate their independence, and appreciate the positive ways you have impacted their lives.

At the same time, make some positive changes that can impact your own life and relationships in a positive way! You deserve it!

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