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The amazing art of Aventura Mall

July 23rd, 2012 · No Comments

Aventura Mall, one of South Florida’s most illustrious shopping centers, has become even more prominent in recent years with the initiation of a unique cultural program to help promote the Arts. Known as Turnberry for the Arts, the program features a display of world class artwork created by both celebrated contemporary artists and talented local artists in Aventura and the surrounding Miami area. The art collection is strategically placed in key locations throughout the mall, offering local residents and visitors the opportunity to enjoy some of the finest contemporary art of our time within a relaxing and enjoyable setting.

Some of the Aventura Mall’s artworks were specifically commissioned as permanent structures for the program. Others were handpicked by the program’s art director, Jacqueline Fletcher, to become a part of this innovative display. Artists featured in the collection include such celebrities as Daniel Arsham, Louise Bourgeois, Julian Opie, Tom Otterness, Gary Hume, Lawrence Weiner and Jorge Pardo, just to name a few. The artists fare from different backgrounds and have their own unique methodology and style. However, their fresh and stimulating artistic displays have appealed to audiences of all ages and have inspired in viewers a much greater appreciation for the unique qualities of contemporary art. Anyone wondering where to see art in Aventura need look no further than the spectacular art collection currently on display at Aventura Mall.

By taking a stroll through Aventura Mall, visitors can view such unique and innovative artworks as “Eye Benches” by Louise Bourgeois, “Back of a Snowman” by Gary Hume, “Tree of Knowledge” by Tom Otterness, “Julian Walking in T-Shirt and Shorts” by Julian Opie and “The Cloud” by Jim Dine. Comparable to what you can find in private museums, these impressive artworks can be enjoyed at your leisure within the mall setting. From Jorge Pardo’s hanging butterflies display to Lawrence Weiner’s engaging quote “Admired Desired Required Acquired”, “All Within a Realm of Possibility” that is brightly displayed on the mall’s second story ceiling beams, the Aventura Mall art collection offers an opportunity to enjoy a cultural experience you will not soon forget.

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