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Finding a Kid-Friendly Location in Florida

May 15th, 2012 · No Comments

As a new parent there is a lot of change that happens in your daily life. Now instead of a quick trip to the grocery store, you have to pack up yourself and your child and a quick trip turns into a much longer ordeal. Often when it comes to going out to eat or visiting local parks, it is important to know what accommodations they have for new moms and their new additions. Though many restaurants are family-oriented, there are still some that are more meant for older children or adults when it comes to their accommodations.

When it comes to getting out with the kids in the Miami area, there are general issues many new moms will run into without realizing it. One of the biggest issues new moms find when they are visiting a new place is the use of family bathrooms. These types of bathrooms allow both parents and children of different genders to enter the bathroom and help their children. Many family bathrooms will include changing tables for younger infants and more accessible bathrooms for toddlers. When visiting local parks or beach play areas, some locations will have stroller parking and lock stations where mothers an leave their stroller locked up and not have to worry about keeping an eye on it while they are allowing their children time to play on the playground. If you are taking your children out to eat, you may find to your surprise that the children’s menu consists of two items that your child may or may not be able to eat. It is important to consider the restaurant you are going to and the menu they offer for children before heading out to eat. That way your children can enjoy the eating out experience just as much as you.

In the Miami area there are plenty of family friendly locations to visit. These can include family-friendly restaurants like Applebee’s, Five Guys Burgers and Fries, Bahama Breeze and IHOP. Though many of these restaurants are chains, they pride themselves on offering family-friendly eating for all ages and have menus that appeal to even the pickiest eaters. Along with kid-friendly menus, many of these locations have family bathrooms and every location in the Miami area has an infant changing table for parents totting along their little ones. With Miami it is all about the sand and the surf. New moms should check out locations such as Miami’s famous South Beach. This long strip of beach has a long boardwalk that new moms can take their little ones for a walk and will find several locations where they can lock away their stroller and head out onto the beach.

Still finding yourself dizzy at the thought of finding family friendly locations in the Miami area? is a new resource for new mothers visiting or living in the South Florida/Miami. These locations can include parks, beach areas, restaurants and even local museums. Unlike other sites, this utility will rely on the information provided to them by other mothers, just like you, that have visited these locations and can attest for their kid-friendly environments and mothers can even recommend new locations that they have found to other new moms in the area.

So what locations in Miami do you find to be the most kid friendly by mom standards? Join today and let us know.

What amenities do these locations have that you feel make it a family staple? Join today and let us know.

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