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Business tip in a digital age

April 28th, 2012 · No Comments

Why Use Online Directories to Promote Business?

In today’s economy, it is all about keeping your business afloat.  Businesses such as dry cleaners, dentists, doctors and even lawyers have trouble keeping up the right amount of clientele in order to keep their business running and the competition is fierce.  Though a well-working company and excellent services are a must to keeping customers, getting the customers to your storefront to use your services is the first step.  This is where the internet comes into play for many of these businesses and why it is important that every service business utilize the internet to promote their overall business.

Go Where the Customer Is

These days more and more consumers are on the internet.  They are performing internet searches to find doctors, lawyers, hair stylists, restaurants, etc.  The internet is a valuable tool that allows a customer to read reviews on a company, visit their website and basically try them out before ever actually stepping through the door.  With so many customers on the internet a business needs to put them out there for customers to browse.  Though a website is a good start, not every business shows at the top of a search engine results page.  When a local company lists themselves on a local directory, however, customers are drawn to finding services in their area and will more likely be able to find that company’s website.  Companies that are listed with online local directories do not have to actually have a website to list their company.  This can be beneficial for the company looking to get their information out on the internet without paying to actually start up a website or hosting program.

Locating Services

A lot of smaller service companies are located in random locations within their city.  This can be placed in the middle of an industrial or commercial park or off the main streets where customers may drive by, but never actually see their storefront.  For services that are located in large commercial buildings, often exterior signage is not available for their use.  That means that many customers that do actually drive by that building will never know of their services or that they are located there to begin with.  By listing your company name, address and services with an online local directory, customers can find your company without having a large sign in the front displaying your name.

Referral Confusion

Often friends or family members will refer other consumers to a particular service provider.  In the event the name is mispronounced or the friend or family member does not have the right contact information, a local online directory can provide that information so the referral customer actually finds the company they are looking for.  Without being listed in an online local directory many companies may simply go unnoticed and not retain the referral customers they expect to.

In the end, the internet is a valuable tool no matter the size of your company or the services you offer.  Even if your services are as basic as carpet cleaning, there are many other cleaning services out there that you have to compete with.  A fighting edge goes to the businesses that have their names listed on the internet and essentially go where their customers are.

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