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In the age of Groupon, seems everyone is buzzing about local

February 19th, 2011 · 2 Comments

Aventura isn’t known to be a town for bargain hunting and coupon clipping, there’s a reputation for a luxury lifestyle geared to the rich and famous, international jet setters, and the finest retail has to offer. This is evident by the shops at Aventura Mall, the banks on every corner, exclusive condo communities, fine restaurants and one of the country’s best resorts and golf course is located in the center of town. Let’s not forget about the time MTV Cribs featured Missy Elliot’s Aventura Williams Island condo.

The point is you don’t have to look far to see priceless automobiles, top dollar martinis, bling, and other displays of wealth and decadents in Aventura. Taking into consideration that there are many budget conscious small businesses located in 33180 and 33160, this might be a factor as to why there’s not a large market for discount services in the area. That’s not until now, Groupon showcases local businesses based on collective group buying power, and it’s proving that coupons and discounts can equal success. They’re spreading the message nationwide and within Aventura.

Traditionally, Aventura has geared business networking around events, grand openings, and face to face connections instead of email blasts, social media, and coupons. Groupon is slowly leaking in through Internet gateways, where financial barriers do not factor into the potential reach of a local business.

There are two traditional resources of local business networking, Aventura Marketing Council & Chamber of Commerce, both offer paid memberships. Groupon is performance based and if accepted to their program companies spread the word through deep discounts that quickly move through social networks.

A recent article buzzing around Aventura, suggests that the time is ripe for more of a focus on local businesses even if some of those businesses don’t have high budget marketing dollars – it’s suggested that the local Aventura/Sunny Isles Chamber of Commerce is ready to fill that gap. Let’s hope Groupon doesn’t steal the local business thunder from the actual locals and their business networks.

The article titled, “Aventura is a place like no other: Controlled by insiders, populated by outsiders”, has a critical tone; however, it offers some constructive alternatives for local business, that’s after the reader gets through the suggestive reasoning of why there’s a lack of quality news reporting in the area. In the spirit that Aventura readers are used to hearing, the article concludes on a much lighter note.

Here’s a clip as the article concludes…

Much of his philosophy for the chamber is based on the “shop local” movement. “When you buy from a chain store,” he says, “most of the money goes to the home office somewhere far away. It doesn’t stay in the community. That’s the main theme of chambers all over the world — shop local. You get personalized service at local stores. They know you, and you build a relationship. You help to build a sense of community.”

Word around town is that the Aventura mayor and city manager are open to working more closely with the chamber. “It’s a new day,” Hubschman beams.

As for the AMC, he says, “It’s not either or. Businesses can join both organizations. The AMC has done a wonderful job promoting Aventura. I give them a lot of credit. But the developer phase is over. The bubble machine has stopped. Now it’s time to get serious about local business. It’s time for a true chamber. That’s part of the maturation of a city.”

Read full article here.

Useful links:

Aventura Sunny Isles Chamber of Commerce

Aventura Marketing Council

and of course, Groupon

These days everyone is trying to keep it local! You’ll enjoy Groupon, visit from our refer a friend links in the article.

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