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Kids love their blankets

February 8th, 2011 · 1 Comment

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We all have those memorable things from childhood that we never could let go. To some of us that was a special lunch box, rubber ball, backpack, and for many it was a blanket they couldn’t be without. Well, Give Wink is excited to offer personalized blankets that will give your child the item they’ll love for years – pass on the tradition.

Recently added to their website are several original designs for boys and girls. Each is made from ultra comfy material that will give your child that safe and cozy feeling.

Cupcake – Very cute blanket with cupcake pattern

Hearts – Does your little girl love hearts? This heart blanket is a perfect addition to your collection.

Good Puppy – Everyone loves a cute puppy. If your child loves puppies, but you don’t want to have to walk the dog, then this cute blanket will do the trick.

Hanging Around blanket – If animals are your thing, then this cozy blanket with swinging monkey is for you.

Each blanket can be personalized with your child’s name, giving their blanket the custom touch. These are the types of items that Francine Delar0sa, Give Wink owner and mom, knows will be a valuable item that children will be attached to for years.

In an recent interview, Delarosa gave insight into her philosophy when it comes to her products, her boutique, and of course being a mom.

“Delarosa says she samples new products on her own children, and seeks out toys that can be used to bring families together during playtime, such as board games. Toys that teach are the ones that attract her, rather than those that “just light up, make noise and take up space.”

But Give Wink is more than just a toy store. At Give Wink, Delarosa says a customer can take a room from completely empty to completely furnished. That means frazzled parents-to-be can find everything to outfit their new nurseries all in one place. “In essence, you come in and you don’t have to leave,” says this enthused store owner.”

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