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MIA Acupuncture pokes Aventura

February 4th, 2011 · 1 Comment

Aventura is tagged the “City of Excellence” and continues to develop and attract distinguished residents, businesses, and professional services. Danielle Kassin Strauss D.O.M., a native Aventurian for over twenty years, is a licensed acupuncturist and a board certified herbalist who recently began practicing Chinese medicine and acupuncture in our city. This is a unique service, because most people associate Aventura with traditional medical practices like internal medicine or dermatology; therefore it was interesting to take a closer look and speak with Danielle.

She finalized her studies in 2010 with a summer internship at the Shuguang Hospital in Shanghai, China. This was part of her four year quest to focus on Chinese medicine and acupuncture – her education has also given her the opportunity to study in New York and Miami where she graduated from The Acupuncture and Massage College. Approximately two years of those four are spent working directly with patients. Danielle explained that she loves working with her patients and watching them become educated about Chinese medicine as each begins their own healing process.

She explained, at school it was difficult to treat the same patients consistently, because that was not taken into account during scheduling by the school.

“Part of the problem in school is building a rapport with patients. If I came Tuesday and Thursday consistently, patients could schedule and have repeat visits, but it was difficult.”

In Aventura, like most destination cities, customer service is paramount in business. Danielle’s patients have told her she’s a natural when it comes to being personable and has great bedside manner. She explained that her natural social skills were learned in life and now she applies them to develop a positive patient rapport. In addition to providing Chinese medicine in the area, she is trailblazing a community payment system on a sliding scale. This has become popular across the country and Danielle is very excited to introduce this system to Aventura. This means that the community decides the pricing on a sliding scale approach, there’s a suggested range of price and the patient makes the decision how much to pay within that range. The idea is that those who can afford to pay a higher amount will recognize the value and their higher payments will offset those that feel more comfortable paying less.

Danielle explains that many residents in Aventura are unfamiliar and skeptical about Chinese medicine and acupuncture, so she believes her community payment method will encourage those with chronic pain or illness to see this as an option, without a price barrier. She is sincere about raising awareness to the community about these valuable and life changing treatments. “I’m from here, so I understand the hesitation regarding alternative treatments. But, I’m confident that people will change and since I know where they’re coming from, I can easily guide them through this change in perspective. I look forward to that with each new patient trying acupuncture for the first time.”

She explained that she hopes to coordinate with community centers and other resources to share her  knowledge with the local residents.


What was the most noticeable difference how Chinese medicine and acupuncture are viewed in China?


In China, Eastern and Western medicine complement each other in the hospitals. There’s a department of acupuncture and a department of massage along side cardiology and internal medicine. The physicians first try to remedy aliments with Chinese medicine and if not successful modern medicines and traditional pharmaceuticals are implemented. Of course, this is not a blanket rule and cases that demand immediate attention are treated accordingly to avoid any serious medical consequences.

During the interview, when asked what the common question from potential patients is she grinned and said, “Does it Hurt?” Pain is all relative, so there’s no definitive answer, but she said “if there’s any discomfort it’s typically short lived and the benefits should outweigh any concerns.”

The typical treatment is about 45 minutes and takes place on either a massage table or in a treatment chair. Most of her procedures take place from the knees and elbows down. Danielle stressed that this is not a miracle pill, one session is not going to solve things. She hopes her community approach will allow more individuals to experience relief from pain and raise consciousness about these treatments.


More information can be found online at her website

photo credit: Jessica Kassin Photography

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