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Early morning – time to SK8

November 6th, 2010 · 6 Comments

UPDATE: The Winners

CONGRATS $10,000 Winner Jeff Vyain – Bustin Boards Team Rider and Employee

Here are the final results from the race:

1. Jeff Vyian 1:40:58

2. Theseus Williams 1:43:11

3. Andrei Bublikov 1:44:41

4. Mark Schaperow 1:45:13

5. Robin McGuirk 1:46:36

6. Kiefer Dixon 1:46:42

7. Matt Elver 1:47:00

8. Kaspar Spurgeon-Heinrici 1:47:28

9. Evan Armbrister 1:48:17

10. Soloman Lang 1:49:36

And some unofficial times in from our friends at Push Culture:

11. Paul Kent 1:52:45

12. Conan Gay :1:53:39

13. Greg Fiess 1:53:59

14. Alexander Bangnoi 1:54:56

15. Thrysean Goods jr 1:55:18

16. John Streeber 1:55:19

17. Richard Howell 1:57:38

18. Mason Mcnay 1:57:48

19. James Peters 1:57:53

20. Andrew Andras 1:58:33


1. Sara Paulshock 2:12:24

2. Melanie Castro 2:28:31

3. Marybeth Mchugh 2:29:30

UPDATE Nov. 6th 8:30am – Photos Start of Race

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Saturday morning will be epic; riders have gathered from all over the United States for this skateboard marathon. The event has captured the attention of several well known skaters in the industry. The frontline consists of amazing talent from across the country. The Adrenalina Skateboard Marathon is ready to start Saturday morning. Tonight the riders rest and tomorrow they ride.

The starting 10 (listed on the web) will be the following:

1. Matt Elver
2. Paul Kent
3. Mark Schaperow
4. Alexandre Bangnoi
5. Kaspar Heinrici
6. Omar Fahmy
7. Conan Gay
8. Mason McNay
9. Evan Armbrister
10. Robin McGuirk (Nickname THE LEG)

We had the privilege to connect with a few of the riders Friday afternoon. Conan Gay, Peter Kent, and James Peters were hanging outside the shop and shared a few words about the competition and skating.

Conan Gay

Conan is stoked to be in South Florida and to have the opportunity to compete. He’s a tremendously talented and devoted skater with a huge following. Conan is no stranger to speed races and has been raising funds to help build a skate park in his town Eugene, Oregon. You can check out a recent blog entry about this story at Skaters for Eugene Skateparks.

Here’s a clipping from a recent article:

Gay, who’s been skateboarding for most of his life, since he was a boy growing up in Eugene, has been gathering pledges for every mile he goes in the record attempt to raise money for the skate park. The city has earmarked $292,000 for the project, but at least $300,000 more is needed to get it started.

Gay took off at precisely 2:15 p.m. Friday from mile marker 70 — elevation about 4,000 feet — on Highway 242, the Old McKenzie Highway.

“It’s ‘go time,’ ” Gay said as he shoved off, an entourage of supporters — including his son, Jacob, 16, and daughter, Daisy, 14 — on bicycles and traveling behind him in a van.

Gay, a machinist at All Pro Machine in Springfield, has been involved with the nonprofit organization Skaters for Eugene Skateparks and its efforts to raise money for Dreamland since early last year, he said. That’s when he came up with the idea of helping spur fund-raising by trying to break the Guinness Book of World Record mark set by Seattle’s Ted McDonald, better known as “Barefoot Ted,” who went 242 miles on his skateboard in 24 hours during Ultraskate IV in Seattle in 2008.

Read the Full Article – Register Guard

Paul Kent

Paul Kent traveled from Calgary, Alberta, Canada to be at this event. Paul Kent is a professional longboarder and holds the current Guinness Book of World Record - 403km in 24hours @ 24hour Ultra Skate 7, 2009. This record was previously held by Barefoot Ted and many are eager to hold this record. Paul has traveled across the world with a backpack and a board, getting a skaters view of the landscape he travels. You can learn more about Paul’s adventures and skating accomplishments at his website – In fact, he explained that he boarded 900km to get to one of the first serious competitions in Vancouver. Paul quickly placed first in many competitions and is a serious contender to win the marathon. He’ll be rolling in style on orangatang wheels.

Take a look at Long Treks on Skate Decks – These guys push!

James Peters

James Peters is a pioneer in skateboarding, he is devoted to the sport and movement. He’s really excited about this event and the importance it has for the sport. He hopes to see more events that bring energy and high stake prizes to skateboarding. Peter has been skating since the 70’s and is the current third place holder in he 24hour Ultra Skate at 221 miles.  He is the founder of – an amazing resource for skateboarders around the world.

Here’s an excerpt about the site: is not a business, and although information and reviews on boards, parts, and links to shops are posted, I don’t ask retailers for any money for the advertising hits they get. Some think this is a capitalistic oversight, but it’s my payment back to a sport and lifestyle that has already benefitted me beyond expectations. I certainly appreciate occasional schwag for events, some bushings now and then ;-) but I don’t expect it and don’t typically ask for it.  Read more on the site.

It’s clear that this event has brought together some of the big names in the sport. All the participants are thrilled to get going Saturday morning. There will be a lot of action so get there early!

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6 responses so far ↓

  • 1 heyburt // Nov 6, 2010 at 8:58 pm

    Great event, wish we were there. We will surely be there at event #2. Keep up the stoke! Push Culture is growing. Hang loose from MN.

  • 2 Pablo // Nov 11, 2010 at 2:26 am

    Watch more highlights of the skateboard marathon here

  • 3 Conan gay // Nov 11, 2010 at 8:14 pm

    This event was awesome. I made alot of new friends and had a blast!! I want to thank my sponsors for helping make this dream a reality. Thank you Bones Bearings, your ceramics are fast and helped me tremendously. Thank you to pulpit clothing and boardsports for getting me there and believing in me and to orangatang for the stimulus wheels they are the best. See you all in San Diego!!

  • 4 Chris Yandall // Nov 19, 2010 at 12:45 am

    This was an epic race event. No bikes, no runners, no bladers. SKATEBOARDS !!!!

    Hats off to the racers and Adrenalina, Jonathan Strauss and his organization!

    Great event! One I shall never forget and hold dear to my heart seeing the City of Hallandale involved with promoting fitness and skateboarding. Awestruck and looking forward to skating the next one!

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