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Starbucks Remodeled – do you approve?

November 3rd, 2010 · No Comments

There are no photos, because Starbucks would not allow it.

The Starbucks, located in the DSW shopping plaza, has been remodeled and opened for the past month. There are mixed feelings about the change. Coffee drinkers are an opinionated bunch – especially before they get their daily fix. The temporary closing of this location caused a huge uproar on the streets of Aventura and in our Facebook postings.

One regular, middle aged man, is upset about the new remodel. He said, “it’s not a comfortable, inviting coffee house anymore.” Starbucks added several bars with multiple outlets clearly designed to accommodate laptop users. It’s obvious the focus has shifted from the cozy chairs and inviting atmosphere. One of the laptop users was thrilled with the addition. “I run my business from Starbucks and always hated the lack of outlets and uncomfortable low tables,” she said from behind her Mac.

The change of focus might be due to the Internet. Starbucks offers free WiFi and today people are glued to the web for social connections, business, shopping, and almost everything else. Instead of a coffee house being a place where people go to before and after work, it has morphed into a place where people can conduct business. The coffee house purists would advocate removing all the outlets and pulling the plug on the Internet. This is the same battle that goes on during any technology revolution – keep it old school or change with the times.

Have you seen the new Strabucks by DSW? Do you like the change? Drop us a comment and let us know.

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