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Road repairs – much needed or too much trouble?

October 29th, 2010 · No Comments

Gritty asphalt, worn sidewalks, freshly landscaped grass, are all necessary city details that typically go unnoticed until construction begins and causes delays. Repairs are upon us, the sidewalk is sliced to pieces and the pavement is getting hot.

A major intersection in Aventura is undergoing drainage improvements. This is all happening on 190th Street and 29th Avenue – it’s the popular corner with Northern Trust on one side  and Heavy Burger on the other. The right turning lane going westbound is closed.

The past month, the supplies have been lined up across the North side of 190th Street – pipes and cement structures all for the drainage system. These repairs have been approved by the city; maybe, it will remedy some of the water accumulation during the rainy season. If you are traveling through this area please anticipate minor delays, especially during rush hour. There is definitely an inconvenience at certain times of the day, but residents realize it’s important to have improvements.

Some of the residents that walk the sidewalks for pleasure and exercise are noticeably annoyed that their usual path has been disturbed. Let’s keep in mind that sidewalks and asphalt are the lifelines of a city. People flow through town by foot, by bicycle, or by car and travel over these inanimate structures that make it possible for a city to function. It’s only natural that repairs are necessary and are continually needed to keep things running smoothly.

Here is the schedule of Phase I and II of the repairs as per the Official City website:

Phase I Drainage Improvements on the west end of NE 190th Street will begin on September 27, 2010 and be completed on November 24, 2010. Phase II Drainage Improvements on the east end of NE 190th Street will begin on January 3, 2011 and be completed on February 27, 2011. – Read more

Let us know what you think about this corner in Aventura?

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