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The Virginity Hit – Aventura AMC

September 23rd, 2010 · No Comments

Finally The Virginity Hit has made it to Aventura! Check movie times

The film has received praise across the nation and is the most inventive comedy of the year. Get your tickets early this weekend, be the first of your friends to see the funniest movie this year!

Did you see the movie? Share your thoughts, leave a comment.

Virginity Hit’s Matt Bennett & Zack Pearlman Interview

Losing it in a YouTube world
By Michael O’Sullivan
Friday, September 17, 2010

“The Virginity Hit” is a comedy that looks like a documentary but plays like a horror film — to parents of teenagers. The parade of inappropriate adolescent behavior is enough to give nightmares to almost anyone with a kid, and to make some of those who haven’t spawned yet consider getting their tubes tied. Read Full Review

LA Times – Read Full Article: How effective is humiliation comedy anymore in our anything-for-YouTube world? “The Virginity Hit,” the latest in the continuum of teenagers-in-heat romps, puts “Porky’s” into a social media scenario: scrawny high schooler Matt (Matt Bennett) isn’t just angling for his first time — whether it’s with his girlfriend (Nicole Weaver), an Internet siren who takes pity on him, or the porn star he worships — Matt’s also a 24/7 viral-video project for his intrusive, camera-toting buddies.

New York Times – All About Deflowering By MIKE HALE : “The Virginity Hit” takes a device — or a style, if you’re feeling generous — that’s become familiar in horror movies and applies it to the teenage sex comedy. The story, about the last of a quartet of high school buddies to lose his virginity (and thereby win the privilege of a ceremonial bong hit), is presented in the guise of amateur videos that are being posted on YouTube. When the on-screen high jinks are sufficiently embarrassing, the videos go viral.

Miami Herald - BY RENE RODRIGUEZ: Although its central premise could not be more hackneyed, The Virginity Hit still feels fresh and inventive. When you think back on it, you don’t remember these friends as fictional characters. Instead, you think of them as real people. Not a single beat in the film feels contrived or false. Everything that happens could conceivably happen to anyone with friends like these. In the case of the poor, continually humiliated Matt, though, better him than you. Read more:

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