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Bonnie stood up Aventura

July 30th, 2010 · No Comments

Finally the weekend is here and we’re all ready to relax.

It’s easy to forget, but last weekend we had plans with Bonnie (the tropical strom) – she never showed. Yes, the doppler radar system reported that the storm passed through South Florida, but for residents here it was nothing more than a typical rainy day. The media caused many to cancel their plans last weekend and some may have even taken in patio furniture. It’s always best to be on the safe side and for cities and media to report the storms approaching. However, in South Florida there’s a media frenzy during impending storms and journalists can get a lot of attention as a result of this type of news. The sensationalism is hard to balance, but the public must be made aware of storms approaching even when they hit and it’s nothing but a drizzle. It’s only after the storm system passes that we can examine if the coverage was blown out of proportion. You be the judge.

Let’s just recognize that it’s easy to forget yesterday’s front page news when constantly  bombarded with content everywhere all the time. This forgetfulness is often reenforced by the reporting phrase, “This just in…”

Youtube videos on the Bonnie Tropical Storm

Tropical Storm Advisory

Storm Hits Miami

Dramatic Overview

These guys changed their plans to revel in the storm. They went to Bonnie and didn’t hang around waiting for her show up.

In case you cancelled your trek to the Seu Jorge concert, here’s a clip…

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