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Traveling for Cosmetic Dentistry

June 11th, 2010 · 2 Comments


Mario Ginzburg DDS, PA


240 South Flamingo Road Pembroke Pines, FL 33027

Pembroke Pines is home to one of South Florida’s best cosmetic dentists, Dr. Mario Ginzburg. The need and popularity  of visiting a dental office skilled in cosmetic dentistry has become a valuable service. Patients immediately feel this dentist really listens to their cosmetic needs. He develops a method of achieving a beautiful smile through various cosmetic procedures including veneers, teeth whitening, dental implants, porcelain crowns, dental bonding, restorative dentistry, and many more cosmetic dental services. Dr. Mario Ginzburg has over twenty years of experience and a well respected reputation in cosmetic dentistry. Although his office is located outside Aventura, Dr. Ginzburg lives in the area and has many Aventura patients that visit his office on a regular basis. They all feel his quality dentistry is well worth the drive from Aventura. Patients recognize his skilled dental techniques and friendly demeanor that makes visiting the dentist a pleasure.

The most common goal of patients undergoing voluntary cosmetic dentistry is to achieve a beautiful smile that allows them to radiate positivity. This type of smile is so important to our daily lives, it’s valuable to personal and business relationships.  Nobody should hide their pearly whites because of yellowing teeth, a missing tooth or any other dental ailment affecting a smile. Dr. Ginzburg creates the smiles of patients’ dreams, making their new look a reality. Dr. Ginzburg really enjoys the art of his cosmetic dentistry, he said “I love watching my patients new self esteem and eagerness to share their beautiful smile with everyone around them.”

A cosmetic dentist analyzes the unique artistic characteristics of creating an overall natural smile. These cosmetic goals are reached while weighing the dental function and health of the patient. Dr. Mario Ginzburg is skilled in achieving the most natural smile, he takes the time to study each patients’ needs – teeth vary in size, color, and shape. Most patients would love whiter teeth and a smile that looks perfect without the obvious signs of having visited a cosmetic dentist. This is specifically relevant for dental implants, crowns, or other reshaping procedures done to teeth visible when smiling. Dr. Ginzburg takes time and energy to artistically formulate the subtle details that matter to his patients. This attention gives his patients amazing cosmetic results.

Dr. Ginzburg’s office also offers traditional dental services. He values preventive dentistry, placing an emphasis on dental hygiene and monitoring and scheduling regular teeth cleanings. The office hygienists will keep your teeth sparkling and smooth after each visit. Regular appointments are the best way to prevent dental issues and for Dr. Ginzburg to spot any potential ailments before they become serious. The earlier patients start tracking their dental health the more likely they are in preventing future problems.

The best way to evaluate your dental status is to visit Dr. Mario Ginzburg. He’ll bring your smile to a new level, making you feel fantastic.

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