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Music Education is Back

May 29th, 2010 · 1 Comment


Mobius Music Academy

11850 W State Road 84, Suite A12
Davie, FL 33325

(954) 251-PLAY [7529]

One of the most rewarding types of education is learning how to play an instrument. Regardless of your age, studying an instrument with a music tutor is an amazing experience. You will learn how to take your love for music to a new level of understanding. Once you begin to play an instrument and learn new songs, you’ll be hooked on learning more and more. Mobius Music Academy gives their students this experience from their first class.

Mobius Music Academy is founded by Isaac Emano, former Aventura resident, who is a virtuoso musician that has been sharing music with others for over 15 years. This music school was formed with the goal of offering students and local musicians a location to share their love of music through music lessons. Although learning goes on here, it’s not your traditional school. In fact, the relaxed environment offers a¬†comfortable space to share ideas and create music. This type of musical freedom gives students a safe feeling to explore their musical expression and learn during their music workshops.

The music workshops at this music academy in Davie are growing in popularity. At this music school you can take guitar lessons, drum lessons, piano lessons, and more. The highest demand is guitar lessons and students here learn the songs they want. Guitar basics and beginner guitar skills are emphasized; students are give the discipline they need to continue to grow as musicians, while at the same time having fun.

Drum lessons are also very popular and a great way to channel your energy. Drums are loud, large and require a lot of space. At Mobius Music Academy there is a private room for drum lessons. This means the student can learn here and not rush to buy a set of drums for the home until they’re ready and 100% to commit to the instrument.

As stated on the Mobius website, their musical philosophy is as follows:

“We strongly believe that everyone has the potential to be a musician. As with any skill or sport, there will be some students who progress faster than others, but anyone who puts their mind to studying an instrument will surprise themselves with how quickly they can improve their skills. Though not everyone will be able to play like Hendrix or Van Halen, anyone can dedicate themselves to an instrument and grow to their full potential. Any musician who has played for several years understands that progress never ends and if you play consistently, your skills will always continue to develop.”

This music school is located in Davie, but close to 595 making it easy to get to no matter where you live in South Florida. Many students come from Sunrise for music lessons, Hollywood for music lessons, Pembroke Pines for music lessons, Aventura for music lessons, Hallandale for music lessons, Ft. Lauderdale for music lessons, Miramar for music lessons, Plantation for music lessons, and surrounding areas.

We’re looking forward to more updates and student profiles from Mobius Music Academy.

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