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Blippy not Blimpie

May 20th, 2010 · No Comments

Blippy, not Blimpie the sandwich chain!

Blippy is an exciting web project that challenges the concept of sharing information, social media, and privacy. The Internet is evolving everyday and has recently entered a phase that should be termed “share space.” This S-Factor give sites the viral ability to spread faster than ever. Having the ability to instantly communicate was once just an easy way to stay in touch with friends and family, now  it’s a way to share ideas that build Internet empires.  This “share space” is now creating serious privacy issues that our nation’s laws and web users are having difficulty tackling – Blippy is pushing the limits.

Blippy combines the communication  style of Twitter and social networking with users’ credit card information. Once users sign up and create an account, their credit card purchases are tracked and shared so others can follow. Yeup, you heard correct this site is connecting users with the idea that people will share their credit card purchases. This likely would’ve never gone live five years ago, but today it makes perfect sense.

This fascinating social interaction will likely be common very soon. It forces us to ask, “why were these things ever private?” It’s clear that people are free to share personal information with others, so let’s not blame a creative business model based on “share space.” It’s an exciting time to watch the Internet grow and new businesses develop. Following what your friends buy is not a new phenomena, it’s common for people to look and compare what others buy – typically it’s a private moment. Now we can login and get instant access to our friends purchases, see photos and descriptions of what, when and how much they buy. Just when you thought the Internet had gone in every direction, a website like hits the scene.

Have you heard of this site? Do you use this website already? Keep us posted.

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