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Aventura Customer Service

January 5th, 2010 · No Comments

Customer service is what most businesses pride themselves on and if not perfected can even cause a business to fail. The Aventura residents and visitors demand amazing customer service. People who come here pay attention to customer service and don’t take it lightly. We recently discovered a blog that mentioned an issue with customer service at a retailer in the Aventura Mall. Here’s a glimpse of what this blogger had to say…

“Unfortunately, it’s not just fast food chains that suffer from bad surface, after this weekend at Aventura Mall, I wanted to call the store manager and go ballistic about the completely rude salesperson at Express…and then I realized, she was the manager. Of course. You have to realize that Aventura is not just a mall. It’s like the gourmet restaurant of malls. You won’t find a Claires or a Charlotte Russe, but you will find a Betsey Johnson that sells one-of-a-kind $700 sundresses, a Michael Kors, a Bloomingdales, and a Macy’s. There is a Gamestop now that I think about it, but it’s at the same end as JC Penney and PacSun…the cheap end of the mall.” Read Full Post

We’ll be watching that blog and feel you should as well.

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