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Tmobile Aventura Location

April 22nd, 2009 · 1 Comment

I recently changed cellphone service from Sprint to Tmobile. I was out of contract with Sprint and my wife received an amazing offer from Tmobile – $89 unlimited talk for two lines. This didn’t take much time to decide, Tmobile was going to be my new service. The only obstacle was that Sprint phones do not work on the Tmobile network. I needed a Tmobile phone or an unlocked SIM card phone. This started my search for a new Tmobile cellphone.

The G1 Phone was on my radar. This phone is also known as the Google phone. Tmobile is the only company that offers the G1 Phone. This is an expensive cellphone, but I was able to sell my Blackberry on craigslist and put that cash towards buying the phone. With a two year contract I think the phone costs about $180.00 dollars and without a contract I believe it’s about $300.00 dollars. I use all of the Google apps such as gmail, google docs, cal, etc…so a Google Phone was the perfect fit. In fact, in order to activate the G1 Phone you need to sign in with a gmail account.


The G1 Phone is so easy to transfer contacts and vital information. It all goes through your Google account into your phone. This is very simple and any changes you make in your Google account are reflected on your G1 Phone. This eliminates the need for wires and syncing the phone daily. I hated syncing the Blackberry. The G1 has many more cool features.

The G1 Phone has a touch screen and it has a keypad. This gives you the best of both worlds. The touch screen is amazing – it battles the iphone. I cannot use the iphone because I need a keypad for typing. There are many cool apps for the G1 Phone and it’s worth exploring. The battery life is great for regular use, but if you use the phone too much you’ll need to charge by the end of the day – like most phones. There’s a great camera on the back, I never use the camera. The Internet browser is fantastic, it’s like using a regular computer browser. The G1 Phone is a real cool phone with many options.

I recently heard that there’s a offer online to get a free G1 Phone and I know people that got it. Since I switched services and couldn’t be without a phone I bought mine, but getting it free is much better, right? It’s amazing what you can find online for free and companies that make these deals possible.

If you are looking for a new cellphone in the Aventura, Sunny Isles area and considering the G1 Phone, go for it. This works and is a real cool cellphone by Tmobile.

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    looking for free phone

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