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Cellphones killed Punctuality

April 14th, 2009 · No Comments

Today I was walking on the circle in Aventura, doing a three mile lap. I noticed that there were so many people talking on cellphones, almost like they were connected to their ears. Then, later I went to the movies to see Adventureland and basically everyone was talking on their cellphones. Cellphones have taken over our lives, let’s stop the madness.

Cellphones have killed punctuality, most people cannot get anywhere on time since they can call and say they’re running late or text. Remember when you told your friends you were going to the movies at 8 and if you called your friends house to cancel and they already left, you had to go – you made plans and without a great excuse, you had to show up.  Why should it be different with a cellphone? Most people feel fine calling an hour before plans and switching things on the spot or worse they’ll call with fifteen minutes notice. Cellphones give us that option and most people just accept it. Don’t accept it.

Communication is a vital element of any society, but in many respects I feel that it’s feeding our appetite for instant gratification. If you’ve ever been in a situation where you want to make a call and your phone is out of range, then you know exactly what I’m talking about. Rarely is there anything that is so important it cannot wait an hour or two. Cellphones come with voicemail so that you can let a call go and get the message later. I tried taking a break from my cellphone and my productivity was much higher. I could actually focus on work and not on checking my email and picking up the phone every five minutes.

Being punctual and getting to places on time should be valued. Try making plans for the day and turning your cellphone off, see what happens. When someone calls and tries to cancel or change plans a half hour or less before your appointment, get upset and let them know it’s wrong to cancel with such short notice. Let’s take the power back. It’s not okay to always be running late because you can call from your cellphone to say, “I’m running later.”

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