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Aventura Blog 2009 Update

January 22nd, 2009 · No Comments

It’s 2009, let’s have a positive attitude and use that to propel us to success. America will get better and things will change. Hope you enjoyed the last posting of Obama’s speech. Here Obama comments on the Godfather and even does a Brando impression. We believe that blogs have become a major focus in this new era of the Internet. In the future the President might be asked…
“What blog do you read?” We have a lot of work to do to make it into that answer, but we’ll try.

This Aventura blog is growing faster than we can catch up. It’s been very exciting and we would like to update you on some of our accomplishments and exciting plans in the pipeline. This dotcom site was released in 2008 as a more interactive approach to our original blog. The need for more options was a combination of popular demand and our own drive to offer more to our Aventura readers. This has become an Aventura destination online.

The dotcom, allows us to have many pages and divide the sections in an organized manner. A useful feature was the page we added for people to search for jobs in Aventura as a service to those seeking employment in Aventura. This was with the help of USA Job Networks who provide the innovation of their job widget system. When you visit their website you’ll see us featured. Our readers use this job search daily.

In addition, we have organized a Aventura business directory to feature and showcase our members of the 2009 advertorial program. This allows members to get the word out about their business on a monthly basis and makes it possible to achieve the online marketing goals every business needs. This was developed based on the feedback we received from the many Aventura businesses that have been featured on this website. It’s still new and we are currently working on a few new features. In the meantime, you’ll enjoy the Youtube videos, and coupons. As this fresh program grows so will the Aventura Network. Watch for our Aventura restaurant program to be released soon. Restaurants in Aventura need a place on our site where readers and Aventura restaurants can interact with menus, reservations, and other options.

Did you notice the widget in the top right corner? It’s our social network to provide interactivity to the Aventura Network and have our readers make new friends. In the pipeline, is a hyper-local rate and review section for those hooked into the Aventura Network. A perfect way to hear and see what your neighbors think. Who knows, you may even be single and find other Aventura singles. This is a made possible by a tool provided by Google Friend Connect.

In the next few days, we will be showcasing some of our new members to highlight their services based in and around the South Florida area. We meet with each member to discuss why their business is important to Aventura residents and others in the surrounding South Florida area. We are excited to meet with each company and look forward to meeting many more in the South Florida business networks. We have found success based in Aventura, because Aventura has become a international destination our online traffic comes from all over the world – including UK, Eastern Europe, Russia, South America, Canada, and even other planets in our galaxy.

We are looking forward to 2009 and to releasing many new features for our readers. If you have any suggestions, we welcome your input.

Have a great year. We’ll do what it takes to make you happy.

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